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Makers don’t have time to read platitudes. We have a business to run.

This newsletter is for busy Indie Entrepreneurs who want to grow faster.

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Who is Dan?

Well, it’s me.

I am a Co-Founder of MakerBox. We create tools and resources for Indie Entrepreneurs.

Before that, I had 2.5 years of experience as a COO at pre-seed startups. At that time, I was responsible for everything: sales, marketing, people management, and operations.

I love deconstructing complex topics and presenting them as structured, actionable tips. So, don’t expect abstract essays from me 😅

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Dan Kulkov
Full-time Indie Maker, ex-COO x2 👽 I share step-by-step guides for Makers to grow faster ❤️ Working on https://www.makerbox.club/